Local Workshop Craftsman

Enjoy some you time, share the french quality

Looking for some exclusivity in your event

Provence Riviera DMC works closely with a wide choice of craftsman  to offer you some unique and authentique activities during your incentive. Our local partnerships enable us to include some unforgettable experiences for your teams as you will never find anywhere else the same type of workshops. During this authentique day Provence Riviera DMC offers you to meet a craftsman or different craftsmen, depending on your preferences, share a moment with them and participate in a workshop where you will be able to take home a little souvenir you made.

Taste Local Products

the perfect surrounding

With this workshop, Provence Riviera DMC invites you to take part to a wonderful local lunch in a domain, farm or local restaurant.
As all our incentives are build for you do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about what we offer.